As a dedicated photographer with a profound love for capturing the raw emotions of nature, wildlife, and the outdoors, my work seeks to convey the honest truthfulness found in these subjects. Born and raised in Italy, I have lived abroad and moved to England 12 years ago. With over 20 years of experience in the design industry and extensive work as a semi-professional photographer, I blend a lifetime of artistic influence with a keen eye for detail.
My interest in photography has always centred on evoking the emotions that arise from the candid and authentic beauty of nature, wildlife, and the outdoors. I have a particular affinity for black and white photography, as it often complements the mood of my work by eliminating the distractions of vibrant colors. However, there are moments when the use of color enhances the narrative I aim to convey.
While my primary focus is on nature, I occasionally find myself captivated by the human form, especially when subjects are unaware of the camera. This spontaneity adds an element of authenticity to my work that resonates deeply with viewers.
Currently residing in sunny Brighton in the South of England, I was born and raised in Lecce, in the South of Italy. Visual arts have been a significant part of my life since childhood. My father, a painter and amateur photographer, introduced me to the world of art. One of my earliest memories is learning to use his Olympus camera and observing him masterfully paint oil sceneries on canvas.
Following this natural inclination, I pursued an education in the arts and eventually became a designer. My career path led me to my current role as Head of Product Design at MPB, the largest online shop for used cameras. In my spare time, I immerse myself in photography.
For me, photography is about painting emotions with light and shadow. It transcends the mere subject or location, focusing instead on the story and the emotional connection it creates for both myself and my audience.
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