My photography featured in Amazon Prime's new movie "The Idea of You", starring Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway.
May 2024
A year and a half ago I was approached by the company that designs set interiors for Amazon shows; they asked me if they could buy some of my photos to possibly use for a movie they were working on featuring Academy Awards winner Anne Hathaway.

Fast forward to yesterday when 
"The Idea of You" was released on Amazon Prime, one of the images can be seen in multiple scenes hanging in her character’s house.

It is also worth noting that in an interview by Town & Country Mag to the Production Designer, Amy Williams, it emerged that Hathaway herself was directly involved in picking the artwork and prints featured on the set.

The original photo I took in December 2021, shot with Canon 6D in Brighton

​​​​​​​Three of my photos got shortlisted for the British Photography Awards ceremony in London.
March 2024

It was an exhilarating moment to learn that three of my photographs had been shortlisted for the prestigious British Photography Awards ceremony in London. Amongst over 35,000 submissions, only 120 made it to the final shortlist, and to my surprise, I was the sole photographer with three images among them. The anticipation heightened as the ceremony unfolded at the esteemed National Theatre, a grand setting befitting the occasion. Sponsored by Samsung, the event was a celebration of creativity and talent in the realm of photography, making the recognition all the more meaningful.
Here are the 3 photos that were shortlisted:
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